DTP Show


Day-Time Praise comes to you Monday-Thursday mornings. The show starts at 10 am. You can tune in for a worldwide entertainment with music from Africa’s prominent minister Dr. Sonnie Badu, some of America’s essential signers TobyMac, Jekalyn Carr, Kirk Franklyn, Matthew West and more. Listeners will also dance to some Caribbean gospel ‘feva.’

The show has special features each day of the week. Mondays you can tune in for ‘Motivation Mondays,’ and ‘Mass-choir Mondays.’ Tuesdays we have essential quotes, which are emailed to the show by you the listeners. Wednesdays are our ‘Worship-Wednesdays’ in which you will hear music that will usher you into the presence of God. Last but not least, Thursdays are ‘Praise-Thursdays,’ the show to dance you off for the weekend.

DTP abides by the theme “It’s all about Jesus.” The show encourages listeners to put God in the midst of what they do. Furthermore, you the valuable listeners can take part on the show by emailing DTP@RoyaltyRadio.org  with your songs, quotes, and suggestions.