DTP Host

DJ Monique brings energy to entertainment. She pursued a degree in Writing and Journalism. She loves life and the things of God with a zeal. As the host for the DTP program, her number one concern is to share the love of God with you the valuable audience. 

Monique takes pleasure in how she works. She ensures that the listeners have a lifetime experience, each morning they tune into the program. Her show has a global theme which reflects who she is. She enjoys magnifying God in diverse ways, and with different cultures.   

Her greatest passion is to become a writer. Currently, she is working on her first major book title “Living Daily: According To Matthew Six.” Her motto for life is “for with God all things are possible.” She has proven God and knows that there is nothing too hard for Him to do. Her vow to you, the listeners, is to ensure that you grow both physically and spiritually daily.