Royalty Gospel Inc.

Royalty Gospel Inc is a not-for-profit organization which provides Christian and non-Christian communities with positive entertainment. The organization includes a magazine, a radio station, and a theater - coming soon. At this starting point, we seek hard working individuals who want to be a part of a media change. We need writers, editors, designers, radio host, and other volunteers. Interesting applicants should email for information. 

Community Involvements

Are you aware of any events taking place in your community? Well, invite us. Royalty Radio will attend and cover any community activities that is making a difference. Email us at  We will be happy to participate.

Radio Host Opportunity

Think you have what it takes to become a Radio Personnel? Well, grab this opportunity. Royalty Radio seeks individuals who will bring light to entertainment. We have slots with flexible hours. If you are a progressive entertainer who wants to bring positive energy to others, we are looking for you. Contact us at INFO@ROYALTYRADIO.ORG  for more information.