Can I Be A Christian And Sexy?


The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘Sexy’ as sexually attractive or exciting. We can admit that in this world the word ‘sexy’ is one of the most abuse usages in the English language. On the streets you will hear, “That car is so sexy;” “This book is sexy;” and the miss use of the word goes on and on. Knowing the strong connections that come with the word ‘sexy’ DTP with DJ Sister Monique had a three weeks topic title “Can I Be a Christian and Sexy?” 

Many of the Royalty Radio listeners admit that Christians can be sexy, but they were not able to stay on what grounds. We spoke with Professor Candi Finch from the Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, who took great pleasure in breaking down the thin line between our society definition of sexy, from the biblical point of view. “Christian women can present themselves sexy as long as it is for their husband,” Professor Finch told us. “Nothing is wrong with a woman wanting to be sexy for her husband.” 

Achieving a sexy status is one pressure we all experience because of our society. Many women who want or feels as if it is important to make themselves appear sexy, sometimes use their attire to fulfill this desire. The word of God in 1 Timothy 2:9 teaches women to “adorn themselves in the modest apparels.” Therefore, Christian women should take precautions in the manner they carry themselves and ensure they are not sexually exciting men who are not their husband. Christian men as well play a role — they should make sure that their attire is with dignity and that they are not showing any underneath garments. 

Professor Finch ends the interview by reminding us that our internal value speaks louder than our external looks. Christian men and women should take time daily to ensure that what is on the outside reflects who they are on the inside.